Email & VoIP

Effective VOIP Solutions in Visalia, CA

Effective tools for communication are essential to the success of your business. That’s why at Valera Tech Services, we offer a range of VoIP solutions in Visalia, CA. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP uses the internet to send and receive calls. This technology provides tangible benefits and features for your business, such as auto-attendant, out-of-office message scheduling, and effective call recording.

It is also more scalable when compared to traditional phone systems and is generally easier to use and more affordable. Contact us to learn more about the VoIP services we have to offer or to discuss our other technology solutions.

VoIP Solutions in Visalia, CA

Email Services

Standard email accounts lack the security required for HIPAA and other regulations. However, by letting our team set up your email server, we can ensure that it has the security requirements needed. We recommend using either G-suite or Microsoft Exchange for your server, as they are HIPPA-compliant and offer top-tier security. Additionally, our technicians can assist with email maintenance and provide training to your staff to prevent phishing scams and other email security threats.

Complete Security Solutions

In addition to providing VoIP and email services, we also offer several other IT solutions, such as technology monitoring and data storage controls. We want to help ensure complete network security for your business.