Email & VoIP

Effective VoIP Solutions in Visalia, CA

Improving and protecting all forms of communication between you and another party is essential in today's global network. At Valera Tech, we rely on the latest technology to help you stay connected to business partners securely. Let us maximize your telecommunications apparatus with VoIP solutions in Visalia, CA. We will also show you how to protect written communications with secure business email systems. Contact us for full details.


Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the sending and receiving of phone calls over the Internet. A VoIP system offers auto-attendant, out of office message scheduling, and a record of the number of calls received. Additionally, it is portable, easy to use, and is generally more affordable than a traditional business telephone system. A VoIP system's flexibility also allows you to set up as many lines as you need.

VoIP Solutions in Visalia, CA

Email Service and Email Maintenance

A standard email account does not provide the security standards established by HIPAA. Protect your email server from a cyber-attack by letting us set up a safe email system using your domain. We recommend using G-suite or Microsoft Exchange because they are HIPAA-compliant and offer the security you need. Our technicians also provide training and audit about how to prevent phishing scams.

Storage and Controls

We assist with network security and education about proper data storage and data flow controls. Additionally, our technicians evaluate and configure HIPAA-compliant email environments to prevent unauthorized access to your clients' or patients' emails.